Draw like a kid is a channel born in my after-work hours when I sit down and draw without worrying about making mistakes, without rules on which art supplies I use, and most importantly:  to have fun like I used to when I was a kid.

I found myself recording on Instagram stories about my drawing process, and my amazing followers started suggesting that I create a Youtube channel. 

With this channel, I want to demonstrate how you can adapt the supplies around you to create art by having fun, without pressure,  and find your own way of doing things.


My name is Luis Gadea. I am Character Designer and 2D Animator born in Canada and grew up in Costa Rica. Since 2008 I've worked in the animation industry on animated commercials, TV shows and animated Feature Films. I spend most of my day drawing for my own happiness and finding different ways to accomplish a look to my art. If you give me a cup of coffee, paper and pencils I can be in the corner quiet without disturbing your party. 

You can find more of my art here:

Instagram: @luisgadea



Carlo is a passionate independent filmmaker from Vancouver, BC. He has a background in Classical Animation and is currently working on both animation and live action industry and has worked as an Animator, Editor and Director. Outside of that, he spends most of his time working on his personal projects. Inspired by life, Carlo in his spare time continues to look for ways to find the root of simplicity and emotion and bring that to his life's work. 

Instagram: @yvrtist