EP 02. In this Episode I explain my basic approach to paint a drawing using markers and colour pencils.

NOTE: This is the way I start and it is not a must, every person should find the most comfortable approach for them and the most important thing is to have fun doing it. 

Materials used: 

  • Paper: Strathmore | Bristol 300 Series 100lb
  • Markers: Copic | Prismacolor | Spectrum Noir | Kuretake ZIG
  • Colour Pencils: **whatever brand you have at home**
  • White Gel: Sakura Gelly Roll Classic Gel


  1. Skin Colour. In this step I just want to block with a fast pass all the skin sections following the sketch. While I cover it I might encounter parts in which I'd fix things of the drawing.
  2. Cloth Colour. As I did with skin, I move to the cloth to start blocking all the colours for all the clothing. 
  3. Shadows. I add shadows to specific places to separate shapes.
  4. Colour Pencils. Add colours to accentuate details on your drawing. I painted the nose, added some red to the elbows and knees. Also used pencil for the outline of the drawing.
  5. Ground Shadow. It is very important to add a ground shadow so the drawing feels standing on a flat plain and not floating on the page. 
  6. Whites. I leave this step to the end. I used the white gel to add white details, in this case, for the bushy eyebrows and the beard. 

Have fun doing it! Don't add pressure to yourself, enjoy while drawing, painting or creating art, make creative decisions while doing it and there is not good or bad. By doing this you will find what workflow fits you better. ¡Pura Vida!


Created by Luis Gadea

Directed | Camera | Edited by https://www.instagram.com/yvrtist/

Animated Intro by Luis Gadea

Animated Sound FX : Geoff BelcherGeoff Belcher http://www.geoffbelcher.com/

Project Manager: Ade Ortega