EP 03. In this Episode I use Masking Fluid to cover the character and being able to paint the background without any worry.

NOTE: This is the way I start and it is not a must, every person should find the most comfortable approach for them and the most important thing is to have fun doing it. 

Materials used: 

  • Masking Fluid: Winsor & Newton
  • Paper: Fluid 100 Watercolor paper 140 lb
  • Marker: Art & Graphic Twin
  • Ink: **whatever brand you have at home**
  • Watercolor: **whatever brand you have at home**


  1. To avoid ruin the brush: cover it first with the dish soap to create a layer between the Masking Fluid and the brush itself. You can also get a special soap to wash the Masking Fluid and not having to deal with the dish soap, but in my case I don't own this special soap. 
  2. Once you cover your drawing with the Masking Fluid allow it to dry a little bit before painting. 
  3. After painting on top of it, peel it off with your fingers or use gloves to avoid getting dirty the part you wanted cover. I normally don't mind and do it carefully. 
  4. Then start painting the part you covered and get done your piece :)

Have fun doing it! Don't add pressure to yourself, enjoy while drawing, painting or creating art, make creative decisions while doing it and there is not good or bad. By doing this you will find what workflow fits you better. ¡Pura Vida!


Created by Luis Gadea http://instagram.com/luisgadea

Animated Sound FX : Geoff BelcherGeoff Belcher https://www.instagram.com/reffery_fitnez/

Project Manager: Ade Ortega